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1 Terms

In addition to the glossary below, an English language Glossary produced by RNE can be accessed online.




Movement type

The movement type is a grouping element for several vehicle types that do not differ with respect to their physical characteristics. Movement types are only assigned by the infrastructure manager.


Mandatory information required by various IT tools used by IMs (incl. NeTS-AVIS) in order to be able to distinguish the RU responsible for the safety management system from the ordering party.


On the day of the transport, the SMS-RU must be in possession of valid safety certification. If the SMS-RU does not have a separate track access agreement with the IM, the ordering party is responsible for passing the SMS-RU’s control centre contact details (email and telephone number) to the IM.


In the event of train monitoring system alerts and safety checks by the IMs or the FOT regarding access to the network, the SMS-RU’s control centre will be informed.

asterisk operating period [VP*]

operating period with different traffic days